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Peter Kory was born in 1931 in Berlin to parents who later perished in Auschwitz. A former real estate developer and professor of architecture at the University of Cincinnati, he lives in Key Biscayne, Florida.

In the short span of 17 years ...

... the first 17 years of his life, he was known as Peter Korytowski, Pierre Engglenger and Pierre Boivin, depending on who was hunting him at the time. Nine years old and his world had collapsed. It was 1939 and Hitler had unleashed the Blitzkrieg—bombs were exploding all around him, changing everything. This moment of terror catapulted him into an epic nine-year adventure during the Second World War. He was forced to abandon his home, his family and his childhood. Like a bad dream from which he could not awake, he began an alternate existence—that of a refugee, prey for the Nazis, part of old French nobility, a resistance participant and a rebellious orphan. But most of all, he learned how to be a survivor.